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SSH Client Library

This library provides a comprehensive set of client tools for SSH access to a remote server.

Tools are provided both as active:sshXXXX services and as a general ssh:// scheme supporting SOURCE,SINK,DELETE, EXISTS verbs.

Remote Exec

Remote processes may be executed on the remote server with the active:sshExec accessor. The stdout of the remote process is returned as a resource to the ROC domain, so allowing the results of remote processes to be incorporated into an ROC solution.

Large Files

Large files are supported. The library is written to use local file buffering for all ROC domain IReadableBinaryStream representations (both get/put and exec resources). Therefore ROC process do not need to be concerned with the size of the transferred files since they are not held in the JVM memory.


This library uses the GanyMed SSH client library by Christian Plattner. Our thanks to Christian and all those who contributed to this project.