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This tutorial deconstructs the WiNK wiki application to illustrate a number of common ROC development techniques and architectural patterns. The intent is to show how to think and work with ROC to rapidly develop clean and solid solutions. Subjects covered include:

  • Composition of tools
  • Scaffolding techniques to parallelize development.
  • Tiered separation of data and application resources
  • Defining channels through your layers.
  • Overlayed constraints
  • Address space access control
  • Push and Pull state transfer
  • Resource cacheability and dependency relations

Whilst the discussion uses the wiki web-application for illustration, the content and techniques are not exclusive to Web development and can be applied to any ROC solution.

This book makes extensive use of diagrams to visually describe the application architectures under discussion.


This tutorial is essential reading for someone looking to progress up to creating composite ROC architectural solutions.


This tutorial assumes you have completed the roc-basics tutorial beforehand.


Click the link below to find the package. You must then select the "install" option (in the left hand margin) and then click "Apply Selections" for the tutorial module to be downloaded and installed.


Once installed the tutorial will be located here.