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This tutorial explores how to build and test REST Web services using the NetKernel resource oriented computing platform. Subjects covered include:

  • Mapping external web services to internal endpoints
  • Parsing REST identifiers
  • Detecting HTTP methods and translating them to ROC verbs
  • Working with HTTP headers
  • Content negotiation
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Information integration behind a web service endpoint
  • Enterprise features - auditing, rate-limiting, etc.
  • Building REST web service test frameworks with the XUnit test manager


This tutorial is essential reading for someone who needs to rapidly build and deploy web services.


This tutorial assumes you have completed the ROC Basics tutorial.


Click the link below to find the package. You must then select the "install" option (in the left hand margin) and then click "Apply Selections" for the tutorial module to be downloaded and installed.


Once installed the tutorial will be located here.