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This tutorial explores how to use NetKernel as an embedded component within other systems. Subjects covered include:

  • NetKernel boot process
  • The kernel API
  • Building a NetKernel boot loader
  • Making requests from Java into a NetKernel rootspace

With this knowledge you will be able to create a bootstrap process in Java that creates and initializes an instance of NetKernel.


This tutorial is an advanced tutorial appropriate for developers who wish to embed Netkernel within another system such as an IDE, J2EE or a DBMS system.


This is an advanced tutorial that presumes a knowledge of Java programming and an understanding of the topics discussed in ROC Basics tutorial.


Click the link below to find the package. You must then select the "install" option (in the left hand margin) and then click "Apply Selections" for the tutorial module to be downloaded and installed.


Once installed the tutorial will be located here.