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ROC Basics Tutorial

This book provides a step-by-step introduction to the building blocks of Resource Oriented Computing (ROC).

It shows how the ROC abstraction supports a range of standard patterns. Each of which may be achieved with a very simple, very uniform set of basic building blocks.

In the text you will see links such as: INKFRequestContext.

These links will only work when you have generated and indexed the JavaDoc for the system.

So that you can examine the APIs we link to, run "Generate All" in the Javadoc tool, then make sure to reindex the system content.

Source Code

All of the examples can be found in the urn:org:netkernel:tutorial:basics module. From a standard installation this will be located in the directory

[ install ]/modules/urn.org.netkernel.tutorial.basics/

Where [ install ] is the place in your filesystem where you installed NetKernel.

Each part of the tutorial has a corresponding <rootspace> defined in the module.xml file. For example, Part 1 discusses mapping a fileset to a web path. If you look in module.xml you will find the first rootspace is called urn:org:netkernel:tutorial:basics:part1 - this block of XML is the complete definition of the part 1 demo address space.

P.S. If this is your first time reading this and words like rootspace, mapping, fileset, address space, etc. do not make a lot of sense yet, do not worry, they will after we have gone through Part 1.


Grateful thanks go to Tom Geudens for reviewing this book, adding comments of encouragement to the reader in the early stages and teaching the author the basics of English grammar even though English is not his native language.