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Enterprise HTTP Transport

The module urn:com:ten60:netkernel:http:transport provides a super-set of standard edition's http transport library.

Everywhere you previously imported


you can replace with


to gain access to its extended features without breaking anything that uses the standard http library.

As well as the existing standard http library, the Enterprise HTTP Transport module also exports an enhanced class library providing a set of enhanced Handlers that plug into Jetty via the res:/etc/HTTPServerConfig.xml declarative configuration.

Asynchronous Request Handler

The NetKernelHandlerAsync provides a threadless front-end HTTP request handler leveraging Jetty continuations.

NetKernel ROC Domain Security Handler

The NetKernelSecurityHandler provides HTTP protocol level BASIC, DIGEST and PKI certificate authentication with authentication determined by making a ROC-domain request to your own Authentication service within the NetKernel ROC address space.