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Identifier Syntax

ws:response is an accessor using a standard identifier grammar:

    <group name="path">

with the following arguments: (for more details on argument passing details see here)

path(no description available)
Request Verbs

The following verb is supported:


The response representation of this accessor for SOURCE requests is unknown.

This accessor throws no documented exceptions.

When an HTTPRequest has been upgraded to a WebSocket, the HTTPBridge inserts a dynamic space into the request scope containing a WebSocket Transport from which external WebSocket events will trigger ROC requests.

In addition the injected space also provides the SINKable WebSocket response resource-set using the wsResponse: URI scheme.


SINK a String to this resource to send a message back to the same WebSocket


SINK a boolean true, to force the current WebSocket to close. (Note this will also trigger the WSTransport to issue a DELETE ws:/PATH+socketid@XYZ request back to you so you can clean up any state you might have for that socket)

WebSockets and httpRequest:/

An upgraded WebSocket is associated with an originating HTTPRequest. Therefore the injected dynamic space also provides access to the regular httpRequest:/ resources.

Note there is no httpResponse: when handling a WebSocket.