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NetKernel can be configured to run as service. If you do this NetKernel will start and stop automatically when the server is booted and shutdown. This is usually the desired behaviour for a headerless server.


There is a script netkerneld shipped inside the distribution jar (both SE and EE) in the path /bin/netkerneld.

Steps to setup are:

  1. Ensure wget is installed as this is needed to call the REST interface on NetKernel
  2. copy netkerneld from downloaded jar into /etc/init.d/ (you will need to use sudo for root access)
  3. Edit the NK_USER variable in the script to the user you want to run the NetKernel service (this can either be your username for a simple setup of a custom user created for the sole purpose of running NetKernel)
  4. Edit the HOMEDIR variable in the script to the install location of NetKernel (for proper install in a Linux system consider /opt/...
  5. Configure your netkerneld to run, for Debian/Ubuntu search update-rc.d and on RedHat search chkconfig

When set up the usage is:

/etc/init.d/netkerneld {start|stop|restart|status}


An updated version of NK3's windows service wrapper is available here...


Just expand this into your NetKernel INSTALL/bin/ directory and follow the steps in the readme.txt.

FYI because of the way the windows service wrapper works it will not be possible to use the "Reboot" NK option from the NK control panel when running as an NT service - you should use the Win32 services "restart" option to do a hard reboot.