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The NetKernel Gradle plugin provides an easy and convenient way to build NetKernel modules, deploy modules to a NetKernel instance and a set of other useful tasks around continuous integration and system administration.

  • Online documentation for the gradle plugin is available in the Gradle Plugin Guide.
  • The GitHub getting-started project provides everything you need to get going really fast. Clone it and follow the 3-steps outlined in the readme.

Gradle and Eclipse Projects

It can be very convenient to use the Gradle Eclipse plugin to prepare a module as an Eclipse project. The following steps are a reliable recipe to take a gradle managed NK module and get it imported for development in Eclipse.

  1. In the Gradle directory of the module run: gradle eclipse. If the build.gradle doesn't have it you must reference the gradle plugin: apply plugin: 'eclipse'
  2. In eclipse choose "Import -> Gradle Project'' and find the directory you prepared in step 1.
  3. When prompted to "replace project" choose "Keep". This step ensures classpaths etc that the Gradle plugin has worked out for you are preserved.
  4. Add an entry to modules.d/myproject.xml that points NetKernel to the bin/ build target of the new Eclipse project. If your module is marked as then as you develop NetKernel will automatically hot-deploy changes