WARNING: This server provides a static reference view of the NetKernel documentation. Links to dynamic content do not work. For the best experience we recommend you install NetKernel and view the documentation in the live system .

Why install NetKernel?

Running the jar is the way you first get NetKernel running. For just reading documentation or have a browse this is fine. However you will not be able to update your instance from the repository or make any changes including starting developing without installing.

Installing NetKernel

If you haven't already installed NetKernel then it is recommended you do so now otherwise you will not be able to install updates, start development or make any changes to your instance.

NetKernel hosts it's own installer. Install NetKernel by clicking on the main NetKernel logo in the navigation bar (or click here) and select the "Install NetKernel" option near the top of the page:

For more information please see this Installation Video Tutorial.

Get Latest Updates

After installation NetKernel automatically connects to the Apposite repository to look for software updates.

We highly recommend that you look at the Apposite Panel and accept all available updates. This will ensure your system has all the latest packages.

Installing New Software from the Repository

NetKernel is a modular software platform; with the Apposite package manager you can discover, add and remove packages of modules quickly and easily. Like a Linux distribution, you can install additional modules with programming languages, domain specific toolkits, network transports, client-side protocol services, etc. You can also install tutorials, demonstrations and full applications.

Packages for NetKernel are located in repositories which can be browsed using Apposite or discovered using the integrated search engine. If you are looking for something specific, try a search by entering a term or phrase in the search box located at the top of any page in NetKernel. For example, enter Jabber in the search box at the top of this page and hit the search button. You will see a list of reference; the top one is the description of the Jabber module.

Example Applications

You can try adding some applications to NetKernel. Click on an application link below and you will be taken to its package installation page within Apposite. Once on the installation page, select the "install" option (in the left hand margin) and then click "Apply Selections" to download and install the package.

  • WiNK - A Wiki application - written using general ROC patterns and loosely coupled scripting.
  • Twitter - A simple Twitter client - plugs into the NetKernel administration panel system.
  • PongNK - a GUI Ping Pong application built using ROC. It is a many-body particle collision simulator with fully adjustable parameters and preset demos (Makes a nice executive toy).

Uninstalling a package is just as easy - find its name in Apposite and select "uninstall". Even easier, click "History" and rollback NetKernel to its system state before you installed it!

More demo applications that can be installed are listed here.