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Learning NetKernel on your own can be a daunting experience. For some people it requires a conceptual leap out of the frame of reference of their existing experience - conversely people with no preconceptions often seamlessly embrace ROC.

Wherever you've come from, you're not alone. There are lots of way to get a little help.


We pride ourselves in the depth and coverage of the documentation that ships with NetKernel and many of the optional modules available in the repository. We hope you can find all the information you need - if you can't or something is unclear please let us know!

We've worked hard to ensure NetKernel has a powerful search index in-built that is constantly updated with knowledge of what's available in the repository and what you have installed on your instance.

The search box is available on all pages in NetKernel. If you need help formulating search queries, enter a search and on the search results page, click on the information icon on the right-hand side.

Context Help within Tools

There are many developer tools provided as pre-installed applications. Each tool has usage notes built-in which can be viewed by clicking the question mark icon on the right-hand side of the tool's control panel title bar.


If you want help from cool, switched-on, dudes who mainline ROC kool-aid then we're sorry, we don't know any. But if you want sensible advice, a helping hand or just some perspective from the other end of the learning curve then ask the and growing open community of Resource Oriented developers.

Support Subscriptions

As you would expect, 1060 Research aims to make money from its investment in creating NetKernel. Our business model includes providing the highest quality professional services to ensure you are successful in developing, deploying and managing your NetKernel solution over the long term. We treat our customers as partners. There is a comprehensive range of professional support, training, consultancy or outsourced development services available direct from 1060 Research the originators of ROC and NetKernel.