WARNING: This server provides a static reference view of the NetKernel documentation. Links to dynamic content do not work. For the best experience we recommend you install NetKernel and view the documentation in the live system .

This concludes the Quick Start but you will find plenty of other documentation.

A set of guides is available in the Documentation Tab. The full (filterable) listing of documentation from all installed modules is available in the documentation listing.


The Tutorial Guide provides access to included and installable tutorials. Of particular note is the ROC Basics Tutorial, an exploration of the fundamentals and practical value of ROC. Also worth investing some time is to view the ROC Resolution Video Tutorial - which takes you through the important concept of resolution and provides a sense of the possibilities of the ROC address space.


ROC in a NutShell is a concise guide to the essentials of ROC, a topic expanded in the Logical Reference. For those inclined to dive into the very depths of coding details, the Physical Reference describes the inner workings of the physical level and how to construct extensions for NetKernel.

Module Documentation

Since NetKernel is an extensible modular system, it is the convention that modules are self-documenting. Every module/package that you install will have its documentation dynamically discovered and integrated into the NetKernel documentation library - which you can always browse.

NetKernel includes an integrated search system. To search for content across all books, guides, tutorials, modules and Javadoc, enter a search query in the search box located on every page.

Community support is available on the forum, see you there!