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This book enumerates and describes common patterns encountered in Resource Oriented Systems. This is an ongoing effort and this book represents a work in progress. Please feel free to contribute any ideas you have to either through private channels or on the NetKernel Forum.

Module / Space Patterns

At the large scale modules and spaces create a place for endpoints to exist and make their resources addressable.

Endpoint Patterns

Endpoints embody the resources in the system handling requests to interact with them.

Overlay Patterns

Overlays are endpoints whose role is to create relationships between spaces.

Representation Patterns

Representations are used to transfer state between endpoints.

  • Generic Representations

Transreptor Patterns

Transreptors are endpoints whose role is to create alternate representations from existing representations without loss of information.

  • Parser
  • Serializer
  • Compiler
  • OneToMany
  • ManyToOne

Miscellaneous Patterns

  • Golden Thread
  • Orchestration