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SliNKi Macros QuickRef

The following macros are available when in slinki slides mode...

Slide Macro

  • {slide} defines an HTML5 slide - the contents are recursively evaluated as wiki text (may include further macro tags).

Any slideset must include at least one {slide} macro.

Class Declaration

Any slide declaration may associate a given CSS class with that slide by specifying a "class" argument on the {slide} macro like this...

{slide+class@mystyle} foo {/slide}

Content Macros

  • {image} a bitmap image reference (must be externally visible to browser)
  • {java} - content is rendered using source code highlighting.
  • {xml} - content must be XML and is rendered using XML colour highlighting.
  • {svg} an SVG image reference (may be an internal resource request)
  • {svgliteral} an inline SVG image.

Incremental Selection

  • {incremental+select@xxxx} - mark item(s) matching the xxxx css3/jquery selector for incremental reveal.

For example, all <li> in a wiki bullet list can be marked for incremental reveal like this

*Point one
*Point two
*Point three

Here all elements will be made incremental...



Power User Macros

The following macros allow direct writing of low-level HTML. Using a {wiki} block inside the {html} will cause the contents to be parsed as wiki and inserted into the html block as html markup.

  • {html} a block of plain HTML.
  • {wiki} a parseable block of wiki inside a block of html!
  • {wikiref} use a simple or declarative request for a parseable piece of wiki. The response to the request is parsed as wiki!

The slides are evaluated in the ROC execution context - its therefore possible to make additional resource requests. The returned resource is requested as String and is inserted into the document and will be included in the parse of the slide set.

  • {request} a ROC request (simple or declarative request syntax).