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is an HTML5 presentation application which uses wiki markup for presentation. It may be used either with the WiNK wiki framework or to provide slides within your regular NetKernel module documentation.

This module contains a set of macro services for initializing slinki mode and for creating slides.

Demo / Live Documentation

For a demonstration of how to use

view this presentation...

Demo - Slides as Documentation

Here's the source - to use in your own module documents follow this pattern.

For a more detailed introduction see this SliNKi presentation...



  • meta:slinki:logo
    was developed by Brian Sletten and Peter Rodgers
  • Brian (who writes a lot of slides) provided the vision and was inspired by Dave Ragget's original Slidy script
  • In the fith generation we have integrated bespoke.js as the engine for slide transitions - big thanks to all those that have contributed.
  • The underlying WiNk application and/or the NetKernel documentation application are both old warhorses for which SliNKi is just providing some macros.
  • The underlying wiki resource model uses the Eclipse Mylyn Wikitext parser

Source Code