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Pizza Model

In the pizza model, test is analogous to checking that combined base and topping is what the customer ordered.

Test is per instance - in the following XXXX is the declared instance name.


xunitXXXX runs the complete set of XUnit tests on the named instance.

The execution report for the tests is presented. If there are any failures at all this task halts with an error.


We expect that you would use the configuration and freeze tools to create a frozen base NetKernel instance. You would have a set of application modules and associated test modules (using NetKernel's XUnit test framework).

You would have a TEST server with the following configuration...

//Boilerplate omitted

//The repository where we'll get the deployed modules and the frozen instance from
repositories {
    maven {
        url "file:/tmp/mvn/"

//NetKernel plugin configuration
netkernel {

    //declare the modules we've previously built and installed into the maven
    deploy {
         collection = "skunkworks-project-test"
         module  group: 'skunkworks', name: 'urn.com.corp.project.x', version: '1.1.1'
         module  group: 'skunkworks', name: 'urn.com.corp.project.y', version: '1.1.1'
         module  group: 'skunkworks', name: 'urn.com.corp.project.z', version: '0.0.1'
         module  group: 'skunkworks', name: 'urn.test.com.corp.project.x', version: '1.1.1'
         module  group: 'skunkworks', name: 'urn.test.com.corp.project.y', version: '1.1.1'
         module  group: 'skunkworks', name: 'urn.test.com.corp.project.z', version: '0.0.1'

    //declare our named instance called TEST
                edition = "EE"
                location = "/opt/netkernel/NKEE-5.2.1-test/"
                thaw group: "skunkworks-netkernels", name: "NKEE-5.2.1-base-production", version : "1.1.1"

Now issuing ...

gradle cleanBASE thawBASE deployCollectionTEST startTEST xunitTEST stopTEST

would do the following...

  1. clean any previous version
  2. Download from maven the NKEE-5.2.1-base-production frozen instance and install it to '/opt/netkernel/NKEE-5.2.1-test/'
  3. Download from Maven the deploy collection of modules and install them as the collection modules.d/skunkworks-project-test.xml on the TEST instance
  4. Start the TEST instance.
  5. Run all unit tests and succeed or fail
  6. Stop the TEST instance

Continuous Integration Testing

For continuous integration, using the example build.gradle above you could run...

gradle stopTEST cleanTEST thawTEST deployCollectionTEST xunitTEST stopTEST

This sequence would

  1. Ensure the instance is stopped
  2. Clean any previous instance in PROD location
  3. Thaw a clean base image
  4. Deploy the collection
  5. Start the instance
  6. Run the unit tests
  7. Stop the TEST instance

Remember that Gradle is just Groovy code - so you could easily set up the deploy configuration with parameters or loop over module names and versions from an external declarative source and repeatedly call...

netkernel.deploy.module (dependencyMap)