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Gradle Plugin

This is a guide to the NetKernel Gradle plugin.

Gradle is a Groovy-based build automation tool. Gradle builds are written in a groovy DSL syntax. Gradle supports extensive plug-in capabilities.

This documentation describes the features and common usage patterns for the NetKernel gradle plugin.


You will require a copy of gradle 2.1+, accessible in your path. Being Groovy/Java-based you will also require a full JDK installation for compilers etc.


The NetKernel Gradle plugin project was conceived and initiated by Brian Sletten. The tool has evolved greatly and has received significant contributions from Nicholas Spilman and Randy Kahle.

NetKernel specific tasks were developed by 1060 Research and are officially supported so the long-term stability of building, testing and deploying to NetKernel with Gradle is assured.

We are grateful for the assistance of Luke Daley from the Gradleware and Tim Berglund at Datastax for helping unlock some of the low-level details necessary for this advanced plugin.


The Gradle plugin (like any development tool) is a work in progress. You can find the development branches and contribute to the evolution of the plugin at the project's Github...