WARNING: This server provides a static reference view of the NetKernel documentation. Links to dynamic content do not work. For the best experience we recommend you install NetKernel and view the documentation in the live system .

The physical networking is abstracted from NKP. Multiple tunnels are provided which tunnel messages over different network transports. Custom tunnels can also be implemented using the well documented API.

This is a list of NKP tunnels installed on this instance: (others may be available in Apposite)

  • ZeroMQ Tunnel - ZeroMQ provides a low-latency NKP tunnel
  • Loopback Tunnel - Loopback tunnel provides asynchronous local tunnel mainly for testing purposes
  • HTTP Tunnel - HTTP provides a flexible standards compliant NKP tunnel
  • MQTT Tunnel - MQTT provides tunneling over this standard IoT prototcol
  • Netty Tunnel - Netty provides a high performance asynchronous tunnel