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NKP uses a common XML based configuration document for both client connections and servers. Where possible this configuration defaults to sensible values.

<config> ....values.... </config>

Common Configuration

  • tunnel - XML - a tunnel specific configuration. See NKP Tunnels for more details. (default: none)
  • chunkSize - numeric - the maximum size of message chunk in bytes that will be offered to the tunnel. Requests and responses that cannot fit into a single message will be send in chunks. (default: 16384)
  • connectionRetry - numeric - period in milliseconds to retry establishing a connection (default: 15000)
  • responseTimeout - numeric - timeout in millseconds to wait for for a response to a request. (default: never)
  • chunkTimeout - numeric - timeout in millseconds to waiting next chunk in a chunked message. This timeout also applies to remote expiry functions. (default: 5000)
  • defaultExpiryPoll - numeric - period in milliseconds that remote expirations returned from this server or client will be polled. Setting 0 causes synchronous poll every time. (default: 500ms)
  • compression - numeric - controls the level of LZ4 compression. 0 means no compression. See Compression page for more details. (default: 1)
  • passByValue - boolean - if true enables the serialisation and transfer of pass-by-value representations, see Pass-by-Value for more details. (default: false)
  • fileBufferThreshold - numeric - if number of bytes of representation data passed in a request or response exceeds this number of bytes then the receiver will transparently buffer the data via the filesystem rather than in memory to reduce memory overhead (default: 262144)
  • NKPResolvableFilter - boolean - if true enables the NKP Resolvable filter see NKP Resolvable Filter for more details. (default: false)

Clientside Configuration

  • connectTimeout - numeric - timeout in millseconds to waiting for a client or server to connect, disconnect or reconnect. (default: 5000ms)
  • exposeRequestScope - boolean - if true expose the clientside request scope to the server. See Request Scope for more details. (default: false)
  • username - string - an authentication username that will be sent to the server. (default: "")
  • password - string - an authentication password that will be sent to the server. (default: "")
  • statusResourceIdentifier - string - if specified the NKPClient endpoint will expose an additional local resource that is a HDS representation of the connection status. This is the same as shown in the explorer and is of the form:

<hds xmlns:hds="http://netkernel.org/">

Serverside Configuration

  • metaExpiryPoll - numeric - period in milliseconds that a connected client should poll for updates to server-side space metadata. (default: never)
  • authenticationRequest - XML - specifies an authentication request to verify client connections, see authentication for more details. (default: none)
  • enabled - boolean - enable this server to receive requests. This allows for dynamic availability. (default: true)
  • killPending - boolean - kill any pending requests from a client when connection is lost to that client. (default: false)