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Name:NetKernel Protocol Client
Description:establish a remote import of address-space exposed by NKP server
Category:accessor prototype

NetKernel Protocol Client is an accessor that must be instantiated from a prototype. You must instantiate the prototype in your module to create an accessor that can receive requests.


The nkp2.NKPClient prototype has the following initialisation parameters:

configMandatoryIdentifier or XML(none)
xml resource to specify configuration of client
If included this parameter will mark the endpoint as private and it will not be exposed outside module.

Here is an auto-generated example of how to instantiate an instance of NetKernel Protocol Client:

  <config>xml resource to specify configuration of client</config>
Import Requirements

To use NetKernel Protocol Client accessor prototype you must import the module urn:com:ten60:netkernel:nkp2:



The NKPClient endpoint acts as a remote import. It will attempt to expose a remote space into the host space. Only endpoints and not prototypes or representations are exposed. The client will attempt to remain connected to a server and will automatically re-establish a connection after any disconnection or downtime. When a server cannot be reached the client endpoint will not throw errors but rather will not expose any logical endpoints into the host space.


The config parameter must be specified when the NKPClient endpoint is declared in a standard module. It must conform to the scheme specified here. If this configuration is SOURCEd from a resource and that resource is changed then the endpoint will dynamically reconfigure itself.

Detailed configuration settings are covered here.

Boot Time Error Report with localhost client and server

Why do I see a transient client initialisation error when I have a client and server running on the same NetKernel?

F 15:19:07 NKPClientEnd~ NKPClient(tls://localhost:10609) synchronizing remote space
W 15:19:07 NKPClientEnd~ NKP Client Initialisation Problem:


  Authorization Required
  NKP Server requires authorisation

Don't worry - this is a transient situation where the space containing the client NKP endpoint has been booted before the space containng the NKP server. The server is reporting that it cannot authenticate the client (since its space is not booted).

The client will back-off and re-attempt authentication after the system has fully booted.