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Name:NetKernel Protocol Server
Description:expose an address-space with NKP protocol

NetKernel Protocol Server is a transport that must be instantiated from a prototype.


The NKPServer prototype has the following initialisation parameters:

configMandatoryIdentifier or XML(none)
xml resource to specify configuration of server

Here is an auto-generated example of how to instantiate an instance of NetKernel Protocol Server:

  <config>xml resource to specify configuration of server</config>
Import Requirements

To use NetKernel Protocol Server transport you must import the module urn:com:ten60:netkernel:nkp:



The config parameter must be specified when the NKPServer transport is declared in a standard module. It must conform to the scheme specified here. Although this configuration may be read from a resource the transport will not reconfigure itself it that resource changes once the transport has been commissioned.

Detailed configuration settings are covered here.

Private Filter

The NKPServer contains a "private filter" in a similar way to standard module rootspaces. The effectively filters endpoints from being exposed from the server which are marked as private.

See also NKP Resolvable Filter.