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NetKernel Protocol (NKP)

NetKernel Prototcol (NKP) is designed to transparently relay requests between NetKernel instances.

NKP supports long-lived transparent bridging of NetKernel address spaces - you might consider this to be something like ROC's generalized equivalent of NFS or Samba, only it goes beyond "file sharing" to support the full richness of the ROC abstraction.

In addition NKP supports instantaneous "oneshot" stateless connections between client and server. You could consider this mode as a generalization of the stateless REST/HTTP client-server pattern. As with long-lived connections, a oneshot connection fully embodies the richness of the ROC abstraction.


The documentation consists of detailed references for the NKP Server and Client endpoint prototypes...


A guide provides an introduction to NKP, details of how the protocol is implemented and covers usage considerations such as security, logging etc.


The NKP protocol implements a distributed version of NetKernel's ROC abstraction. The physical network layer uses a custom transport developed with the open source Cisco/Apache Etch network service development tool. Licensed under the Apache Public License v2.0.