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Name:Virtual Host
Description:Delegate requests into distinct spaces based on identifier
Category:accessor prototype

Virtual Host is an accessor that must be instantiated from a prototype. You must instantiate the prototype in your module to create an accessor that can receive requests.


The mod.architecture.VirtualHost prototype has the following initialisation parameters:

configMandatoryIdentifier or XML(none)
specifies virtual hosts and the imports they map to

Here is an auto-generated example of how to instantiate an instance of Virtual Host:

  <config>specifies virtual hosts and the imports they map to</config>
Import Requirements

To use Virtual Host accessor prototype you must import the module urn:com:ten60:netkernel:mod:architecture:



When a virtual host endpoint is instantiated from the prototype in your application space it creates a set of logical endpoints, one for each host you have defined in the configuration. Each logical endpoint is backed by a space which dynamically imports all the spaces which match the import-type using SimpleImportDiscovery. When a request is matched by the logical endpoint a new request is constructed and delegated into the backing space. This new request is constructed according the a declarative request definition and should contain captured arguments from virtual hosts grammar definition.


The virtual host endpoint requires a mandatory config parameter which defines a set of one or more virtual hosts. This configuration document specifies an XML resource which may be specified as a literal within the module definition or referenced as an identifier. The config document must have the following structure:

    <grammar> [grammar definition] </grammar>
    <request> [declarative requests definition] </request>
    <import-type> [type of spaces import] </import-type>
  </host> ...more host definitions...

Each host definition must contain a: