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Description:Profiles requests passing through it capturing statistics on count, response times, etc.
Category:transparent overlay

ProfileOverlay is a transparent overlay. You must instantiate an instance of the overlay from its prototype, this will create a new instance within your application space.


The mod.architecture.ProfileOverlay prototype has the following initialisation parameters:

A nested space definition which the overlay will delegate all requests in to.

Here is an auto-generated example of how to instantiate an instance of ProfileOverlay:

    < !--wrapped space...-->
Import Requirements

To use ProfileOverlay transparent overlay you must import the module urn:com:ten60:netkernel:mod:architecture:



When the profile overlay wraps a space it will profile all requests entering that space through the overlay. It captures detailed timed access statistics and makes them available through it's metadata.

Viewing an instance of this overlay with its wrapped space in the space explorer will show you the captured statistics.

The statistics are provided for each requested endpoint:

  • count - the total number of requests issued to the endpoint
  • exceptions - the number of responses that were exceptions.
  • avg-duration - the average time of the endpoint (milliseconds)
  • max-duration - the longest recorded response time (milliseconds)
  • min-duration - the shorted recorded response time (milliseconds)

The space explorer view also offers the ability to reset the statistics.


There is currently no configuration.