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Evernote Module

This module provides accessors for searching, creating and updating notes in Evernote.

It also includes a set of utilities for converting XHTML to Evernote's ENML markup format (a subset of XHTML) and a validator to verify that the content complies with the ENML DTD.

Resource Model

Currently the accessors predominantly provide representations as Evernote Note or Notebook objects.

Therefore some knowledge of the Evernote Java API will be useful.


The Evernote API does not make clear if Note and Notebook are live objects (making network requests when methods are called). In addition no guarantees of immutability are provided by the API therefore it is recommended not to cache these representations. If you need to cache a note as a resource then we suggest writing code to access the Note's fields and placing the values into a suitable HDS structure.

Warning: Concurrency

The underlying Evernote API is not thread safe, therefore we have implemented the library so that it is only possible to perform one operation at a time per configured evernote account. Concurrent access will block until any existing use of the configuration resource is completed.

Concurrently accessing multiple different evernote accounts (via different configurations) is supported.


While the active:evernote/Note accessor offers DELETE and calls the correct Evernote API. Currently Evernote's OAuth permissions for the NetKernel module do not permit note deletions. If you need to do delete's then you must apply to Evernote for your own Application OAuth token and use its value in org/netkernel/mod/evernote/panel/oauthCredentials.xml when you want to create a user-level OAuth configuration.