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The ToDeterminateString is a transreptor. The following table shows the transreption permutations that it will perform:

From (any of)To (any of)
java.lang.ObjectDeterminate String
Import Requirements

To use ToDeterminateString transreptor you must import the module urn:com:1060research:www3:


The ToDeterminateString transreptor converts various representation forms to an IDeterminateStringRepresentation. The intent is that this transreptor sets conventions for extracting a String from many different data types.

Currently supported data types include:

  • HDS - the String value of the root or first child of the root is used.
  • DOM - the text node of the element, or string value of attribute is used.
  • java.lang.String - the string is used directly
  • Binary Stream - the stream is test to see if it is XML, if so the document elements text value is used, otherwise it is considered a serialised String.