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Description:Provides a transient space to all subrequests with the URI scheme scratch:
Category:transparent overlay

ScratchPad is a transparent overlay. You must instantiate an instance of the overlay from its prototype, this will create a new instance within your application space.


The layer1.Endpoint.ScratchPad prototype has the following initialisation parameters:

A nested space definition which the overlay will delegate all requests in to.

Here is an auto-generated example of how to instantiate an instance of ScratchPad:

    <!--wrapped space...--></space>
Import Requirements

To use ScratchPad transparent overlay you must import the module urn:org:netkernel:ext:layer1:



The ScatchPad overlay creates a scratchpad space which is injected into the request scope above the wrapper space. Any request that passes through the scratch pad overlay is able to use the scratch: scheme to store and retrieve values for the duration of that request within the wrapped space.

If long-lived storage of temporary information is needed during, e.g. an HTTP session, then the HTTP Session overlay may be more appropriate.