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Name:Math Runtime
Description:Mathematical Engine Runtime - Full Symbolic and Numeric operations
Identifier Syntax

Math Runtime is an accessor using Active URI syntax with the following base identifiers:


and the following arguments: (for more details on argument passing details see here)

Representation (java.lang.Object)expression to evaluate
varargs [varargs] Any quantityRepresentation (java.lang.Object)Varargs allows an arbitrary number of additional unspecified arguments.
Request Verbs

The following verb is supported:


The response representation of this accessor for SOURCE requests is unknown.

This accessor throws no documented exceptions.

Import Requirements

To use Math Runtime accessor you must import the module urn:org:netkernel:lang:math:


The Math language runtime provides a rich symbolic and numeric mathematical evaluation engine.


The operator argument must be transreptable to java.lang.String and is the mathematical expression to be evaluated.

Example 1

The operator


is evaluated to the symbolic expansion...


Example 2

This is an example of calculating the symbolic derivative (with respect to x)...

D[x^2*y-2*x*y-3*y+2*x^2-4*x-6, x]

is evaluated to the symbolic expression...


Variable arguments

Arbitrary named arguments may be supplied. Numeric arguments will be provided as numeric variables substituted into the operator expression.

For example:

operator: x^2-3*x+1
x argument value: 2

will return the numeric result 1.0

Alternatively if the named argument is a String it will be parsed to an expression and substituted into the expression...

For example:

operator: x^2-3*x+1
x argument value: y*z+3

will return the symbolic result (y*z+3)^2-3*(y*z+3)+1

Warning be careful with symbolic arguments to avoid recursive variable references (the same symbol in the argument as the argument name itself) which will result in a stack overflow exception.

Pipeline Evaluation

The active:math engine can be used to create very rich and powerful mathematical pipeline processes, where the symbolic or numeric response of one stage is fed into a following stage - either as the operator or as an argument.

Built-in Functions

The active:math engine uses the Symja project which in turn incorporates many powerful math functions from Apache Commons-Math and JSA. A small set of examples are provided on the Symja site here.

A reference list is provided here.