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Library Imports

A Javascript script may import other scripts as libraries.

To import a Script

The contextloader global variable is provided to a script. It will load and initialize a script resource.


loadLibrary() takes a String which is the ROC resource identifier of the script to load.


Say you have a script library with ROC identifier res:/javascript/libs/test.js

function test()
{   return "Hello World";

You can import this function in your script like so...


//Call imported function

Library loading is recursive - an imported library may also import libraries.

All library resource identifiers must be fully qualified - relative addressing is not meaningful.

Implementation Notes

The contextloader is implemented on top of the INKFRequestContext - it will SOURCE the requested identifier as a compiled javascript Script. It then invokes the script in the loading scripts execution context.


See JSON section for example of using the well known json2.js library.