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Rhino Javascript implements ECMA-357 ECMAScript for XML (E4X).

Since Rhino 1.7 this is implemented on DOM ( org.w3c.dom.* ).

The following simple example shows the use of E4X ...

var a=world;
a.child="hello again";

For those not familiar with E4X it provides XML as a native datatype in Javascript. So the example above produces...

<hello> world
  <child>hello again</child>

Returning a Javascript XML object returns and instance of org.mozilla.javascript.xmlimpl.XML (which is based on DOM).

Getting at the DOM

This lang:javascript module hosts an overridden Java implementation of the org.mozilla.javascript.xmlimpl.XML object (which is now public rather than package protected) and makes public the method

public org.w3c.dom.Node toDomNode();

Therefore when receiving an XML object response from Javascript you can get at the underlying DOM by calling this method.

XMLToDOM Transreptor

In addition the lang:javascript module provides an XML to DOM transreptor. Therefore in many cases the Javascript XML object will be transrepted dynamically to work with other xml services.