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The urn:org:netkernel:lang:dpml module provides the Declarative-Request Process Markup Language (DPML) compiler and runtime.

DPML is a resource request processing language that enables the composition and orchestration of one or more declarative requests within a single resource oriented computing (ROC) process.

The foundation of DPML 2.0 is a functional processing engine that supports closures and lazy evaluation. DPML 2.0 also supports the sequence element, within which processing can be specified in a traditional sequential programming style as used by DPML 1.0 and other familiar languages.

DPML Runtime

The active:dpml language runtime is used to run DPML processes.

Learning DPML

DPML is a small language with a simple set of rules. To get started with DPML, read through the DPML Guide.


DPML 2.0 is based on years of experience with DPML 1.0 in NetKernel 3 and before. DPML dates back to the late 90's, before NetKernel even existed, and began as an experimental research prototype when we were in HP Labs.

We acknowledge and thank all of the developers who worked with earlier generations of DPML and provided their feedback.