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Structure of a Module

Standard modules can be deployed in one of two forms expanded or as a .jar file. The structure of a module jar is identical to the expanded structure of the module so the two can be inter-replaced. Typically you would be using expanded modules whilst developing and probably deploying .jar modules to a production system. Occasionally you may want expanded modules on a server to allow modification of some of the files.

Module Definition File

The only file that must be present is module.xml which must be located in the root ("/") directory. This file defines the local structure and operation of the module. This is discussed in more detail in the subsequent pages.

Library Directory

The module may contain a lib directory located in the root ("/") directory of the module. Any .jar files found in this directory will be added to the classloader of the module. Typically this is used when functionality within a module relies on prebuild third party Java libraries.

Other Files

Other files such as Java classes, scripts, images, data may be located in the root directory or any nested subdirectories.