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The tag is a shortcut to creating a single resource which can be SOURCEd to obtain a representation of the literal value defined inline within the tag. This is often useful for short architectural configuration resources such as database configurations or dynamic import hooks.

The literal tag uses the same syntax and has the same capabilities as the literal tag used within declarative requests.

The uri attribute is used to specify the resource identifier of the single created resource.

The optional id attribute is used to specify the logical endpoint identifier which if not specified will be autogenerated.

The optional private attribute is used to specify if the literal will be private to the module. The default is false if the attribute is omitted.


This example defines a resource with the identifier res:/etc/system/SimpleDynamicImportHook.xml which when SOURCEd will return an XML representation with a root tag of .

  <literal type="xml" private="false" uri="res:/etc/system/SimpleDynamicImportHook.xml">