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If possible when integrating technologies it is preferable to override its default mechanism for accessing resources. This provides a tight integration of a technology into the address space in which it is being used rather than relying upon a specific filesystem configuration.

Often technologies have URL resolvers and other mechanisms which can be set to enable a solution which will issue a request into NetKernel to resolve a resource. Sometimes this is not possible due to limitations in the implementation of a specific technology. In this case it may still be possible to access resources if the technology uses the the java.net.URLConnection JDK class which typically provides resolution to filesystem and http resources. To do this you can use the class org.netkernel.layer0.util.NKProtocolHandlerRegistry provided in layer0. The class works in collaboration with a registered protocol handler implementing the nk: scheme.

The basic approach is to:

  • Register your NKF context object with the registry.
  • Have the technology use URLs generated using the getGlobalURL() method on the registry to generate an nk: scheme URL. It may be necessary to preprocess any scripts or inputs to achieve this.
  • When the endpoint completes deregister from the registry to free up any state.

Javadoc, if built, is available here.