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Unattended Install

When you have downloaded a copy of the NKEE distribution you can initiate unattended automatic install from the command line as follows...

java -Dunattended.install.directory=/home/pjr/NKEE-5.1.1 -jar 1060-NetKernel-EE-5.1.1.jar

Which will fire up NetKernel from the jarred distro, automatically self-install to the target directory and then shutdown.

Unattended install is triggered by the presence of the "unattended.install.directory" system property. There are also a set of optional properties to set up proxy settings and to expand jarred modules...

  • unattended.install.directory - name of directory in which to install the NK distro (mandatory)
  • unattended.install.proxyHost - proxy server hostname (optional)
  • unattended.install.proxyPort - proxy server port (optional)
  • unattended.install.proxyUsername - proxy server username (optional)
  • unattended.install.proxyPassword - proxy server password (optional)
  • unattended.install.proxyNTDomain - NTLM proxy server domain name (optional)
  • unattended.install.proxyNTWorkstation - NTLM workstation name (optional)
  • unattended.install.expand - expand jarred modules (optional "true" - defaults to "false", not expanded)

If, for any reason there is a failure during the install, a message will be written to stderr and the java instance will exit with a negative exit code.


On a basic laptop a complete unattended install (boot, install to disk, jvm shutdown) takes 4 seconds.

One additional potential use is that you can use this approach to install a new distribution onto a server which is already running an existing NetKernel without having to shut the original instance down.