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NetKernel Enterprise Edition includes role based security for the Management Console using the Manage Users and Roles tool.

Out of the box

Out of the box the console is unsecured to aid usability. Before using role based security you should consider enabling SSL on the management console port or using SSH tunnelling.

Two initial roles are defined:

  • superuser - with unlimited access.
  • restricted - with no access to anytools

Two initial users are defined:

  • root - with superuser role. This role cannot be deleted or changed from superuser.
  • guest - with superuser role (this is the user when no specific user is logged in)

Logging in

A login status panel features on the top right of the Management Console. This contains a login/logout link.

All login and log out requests are logged to the system log.

Login sessions expire after 5 minutes of inactivity.