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ARP - Apposite Repository Publisher

ARP is an installable NKEE tool that provides a software package management and repository publishing system. It features:

  • Upload and management of packages
  • Generational version control of packages
  • Package dependency relation creation and management
  • Unlimited repositories
  • Publishing a package into one or more repository
  • Publishing packages as "update" for automated deployment of replacements and/or security updates.
  • Generation of a mirrorable signed repository zip archive.
  • Generation of public key and repository connection settings for an apposite client to connect to your repository.
  • Full backup and restore of the ARP datamodel - including archival storage and recovery of all managed packages.


ARP can be installed using Apposite by installing the "nkee-arp" package.

After installation the ARP tool can be found here.


1060 Research is able to provide comprehensive training and guidance on best practices for managing and deploying software repostories with ARP. Please contact 1060 Research support for details.