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Description:The MailFolderTransport polls a POP or IMAP account and issues a root request when it detects the arrival of a new email message.

MailFolderTransport is a transport that must be instantiated from a prototype.


The MailFolderTransport prototype has the following initialisation parameters:

configMandatoryIdentifier or XML(none)
XML configuration resource
An identifier for created logical endpoint, if omitted a unique auto-generated value it will be used.
If included this parameter will mark the endpoint as private and it will not be exposed outside module.

Here is an auto-generated example of how to instantiate an instance of MailFolderTransport:

  <config>XML configuration resource</config>
Import Requirements

To use MailFolderTransport transport you must import the module urn:org:netkernel:email:core:


The MailFolderTransport polls a POP or IMAP account and issues a root request when it detects the arrival of a new email message.


The required config parameter provides the specification of the email folder that is to be monitored for new email message arrivals.

  <mailboxName>some mailbox name</mailboxName>
  <protocol>pop3 or imap or pop3s or imaps</protocol>
  <port>optional port number</port>
  <user>some user name</user>
  <password>some password</password>
  <folder>optional IMAP folder name</folder>
  <leaveInFolder />

  • If leaveInFolder is specified the message will be marked as read but will remain in the folder. If this is not specified then the message will be deleted from the folder.
  • pollInterval specifies the period, in seconds, at which the mail folder will be polled for new messages.
  • folder specifies the name of the IMAP folder to poll for messages - it is not valid for pop3 folders.

Received Emails

When a new email message is found in the polled mail folder it is fetched and a root request is issued into the transport's host address space with the following request identifier...

mailfolder:message + mailbox @ [ value of mailboxName parameter ]

The transport creates a dynamically inserted address space emailMessage:/ into the superstack prior to issuing the request. Therefore the handler of the mailfolder:message request may SOURCE various elements of the message directly from this transient message space.